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Correctional volunteer literacy tutors in Ontario | Tuteurs bénévoles en alphabétisation et services correctionnels en Ontario

Wednesday, 06 20th

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Before You Start

Become familiar with this website. There are useful components that can help you determine if being a volunteer literacy tutor is for you!

  • If you have not worked with a correctional population before, read the background information in the ABOUT section.
  • Identify how much time you can volunteer. For literacy tutoring, this involves time spent with the learner and the preparation time.
  • The LITERACY TUTORS section outlines how to become a literacy volunteer in corrections. Where would you like to volunteer – an institution or probation and parole office? Contact the volunteer coordinator in that location and arrange a meeting. The volunteer coordinator can advise you if they need literacy tutors at their site. Some sites already have funded literacy programs. The volunteer coordinator will identify the next steps. Also, being a literacy tutor requires specific skills and abilities, so you need to have some training and options are outlined.
  • The TOOLS AND RESOURCES section links to information about assessments, lesson plans, activities, etc., that can help you in lesson planning and program delivery.
  • The LINKS section can assist you in referring learners to other literacy agencies when they have completed their involvement with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. This is an important component, especially for inmates with short stays in institutions.
You are here: Home > Getting Started > Before You Start