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Correctional volunteer literacy tutors in Ontario | Tuteurs bénévoles en alphabétisation et services correctionnels en Ontario

Wednesday, 06 20th

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In this section you will find a variety of resources that will help further your understanding of literacy. It includes a number of assessment and activity tools that are practical and easy to use. Some of these resources are free while others must be purchased, though they usually have samples to work from. The sample can provide you with ideas on how to present certain concepts and material. While there are many tools and resources available online, they are used most effectively when the tutor has formal literacy training as provided by local literacy agencies.

There are specific resources for Francophone and Aboriginal learners, English as a Second Language and computer literacy.

When working with a learner, if you come across any resources you find work well, please contact us with the information so we can post them here.

Remember, you must print any resource sheets for correctional learners. They do not have Internet access. You can, however, provide learners with links that are useful for when they return to their home communities or if they are on community supervision.

You are here: Home > Tools and Resources > Overview